Auto-Land Dźwigi  |  Damian Kwiatkowski  |  Baza Szamotuły, Emilianowo 9 | NIP: 7871459768

We offer services for:

    • Telescopic crane car
    • Telescopic lifts

We also offer service to raise the transportation bin (to lift people) using crane car.Transportation bin can be raised to a height of 101m. The bins are hung on the hook of the crane through the shackles and cells convergent-what causes that during operation bin is stable. The entrance door bin equipped with a slam lock, bin has got attachment points aim of attaching a safety harness. Our bins are fully certified, both bins and crane cars are approved for use by the Office of Technical Inspection

Our company has got also light work platform (3,5t) max. lift 30m, powered by battery, electrical (230V) or fuel engine (possible modes). With independent power supply it is possible to perform the work in tight spaces and indoor (e.g inside shopping center).

  • Relocation of machinery and equipment
  • Transport sets for low-loading
  • Roadside assistance (TIR)
  • Construction works, installation of reinforced concrete elements, such as pillars, foundation
  • Assembling and dismantling of steel structures
  • Complete felling of trees
  • Snow removal using heavy duty equipment 6×6
  • Help service getting out heavy duty machinery and other equipment from difficult terrain (i.e. swamp)
  • Lockshmith services
  • Special works, such as disassembly-assembly-adjustment-transport of machinery and equipment
  • Social events, such as bungee jumping, Tyrolka (zip line)

We have full insurance (OC) for our services to amount 50.000 EUR

Hour-rate price of car crane depends on size of work and difficult level.

We have equipment:

  • From 13 to 220 tons of Grove American, English Croles, German Krupp and Japanese-Germany Tadano-Faun
  • Platform from 12 to 101 meters
  • ehicles for the transport of oversized loads to 50 ton
  • Off-road heavy equipment with winches (front and rear) to 40 tons
  • Conveyor rollers to 100 tons