Auto-Land Dźwigi  |  Damian Kwiatkowski  |  Baza Szamotuły, Emilianowo 9 | NIP: 7871459768

Auto-Land Company was founded by Wlodzimierz Kwiatkowski in 1990.

In the first decard, the company was focused on freight transportation service. Family business continued by his son Damian by introducing innovative solutions. Company from year to year frew winning customer recognition.

Putting emphasis on the development of the company expansion and introduced a range of services complex assembly of prefabricated reinforced concrete columns and steel structure. For this type of work the company has a dedicated team of workers and surveyors.

Today, if you need :

  • Reliable, professional equipment
  • Quick deadline for completion
  • Low price
  • Professional, supported by many years of experience handling

We invite you to use our services!